What is required for our class:

  1. A good attitude

  2.  $100.00. ($50 DEPOSIT/ $50 AT CLASS)



Saturday October 17, 2015

This is an eight hour class covering everything required by the state and then some. WE COVER THE FOLLOWING: 

  1.  both laws(you receive a copy of them) RSMO 571 and RSMO 563. 

  2. care and cleaning of your firearms, we can even teach you how to take them apart.

  3. safe handling while in the classroom,  at home, carrying, transporting, and on the range.

  4. how to safely load and unload a revolver and a pistol.

  5. safe storage of your firearms at home.

  6. the state requirements for obtaining and maintaining a concealed carry endorsement.

  7. a live firing exercise from either a revolver and a semiautomatic pistol of at least 50 rounds per at a distance of seven (7) yards on a B-27 target.

  8. a live fire test of 20 rounds from either a revolver and a semiautomatic pistol on a B-27 target at a distance of seven (7) yards in which at least 15 rounds impact the target per handgun.

  9. point shooting and range help is also taught as part of this class.

We have a fun and low stress class environment perfect for the beginner yet challenging for the seasoned veteran

  • Although I provide quality firearms for the class (Smith and Wesson), I encouraged to bring your own firearms to apply what you learn in our class and for the clean and care portion of the class. If you don’t have any firearms DON’T run out and buy one just for this class. 

Upon completion of my course you will receive:

  1. Certificate of completion from Anderson Services
  2. Affidavit of Missouri Firearms Safety Instructor Qualification
  3. Copies of both laws pertaining to Missouri’s CCW (RSMO571 and RSMO 563)
  4. Missouri Highway Patrol CCW Brochure
  5. List of other CCW resources including reciprocating states
  6. Much, much, more

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