• SHOP LABOR RATE:  ($50.00) An Hour (1/2 hour min.)
  • Machine rate:  ($50.00) an hour (1/2 hour min.)
  • Clean & check:  complete disassemble, clean, inspection of parts, oil and re-assemble.  ($45.00) and up.
  • Trigger job:  set/adjust trigger, polish mated surfaces, test for safety ($50.00) and up plus parts.
  • Drill & tap:  ($15.00) per hole and up.
  • Cut & Crown:  cut, square off muzzle and re-crown  ($60.00) and up.
  • Thread barrel and install muzzle brake:  turn barrel down & thread to specifications ($80.00) and up plus parts.
  • Bend or weld on new bolt handle: cut, tig, and polish($60.00) and up plus parts.
  • Add internal choke:  cut, ream & thread shotgun for choke tubes ($60.00) and up.
  • Re-barrel rifle:  remove old barrel, inspect action & receiver, cut final chamber in new barrel, install new barrel, gauge, set & test fire new barrel ($150.00) and up plus parts.
  • Action work for firearms:  ask for details of services provided ($65.00) and up.
  • Cut dove tail in barrel or slide: cut dove tail for sight ($50.00) plus parts.

Duracoat services

  • Bolt action rifles:  ($135.00) and up.
  • Lever action & Auto rifles:  ($150.00) and up.
  • Hand guns:  ($140.00) and up.
  • Accessories:  rings, mounts, etc… ($30.00) and up.
  • Scopes & Bipods:  ($40.00) and up.

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