Anderson Services/Missourigunsmith

is a family and veteran owned business. We have proudly served the firearms community since 1995 and have been in business in Mountain View, Missouri since 2002.  We have the training, resources, equipment, and technology found in a much larger location. We take pride in our work, customer service, training, and our community.


Murray Anderson- President, Gunsmith, and Lead Instructor.

Murray has been working as an armorer and gunsmith for over 25 years. Murray has worked (as an armorer) for the military, other gunsmiths, firearms ranges, and as an owner of his own business. Murray uses his experience as a competitive shooter, hunter, and firearms owner/ collector to assist you our customer.

Murray has been instructing military, law enforcement, men, women, and children; firearms safety, personnel defense, reloading and marksmanship. Murray holds certifications from the U.S. Marine Corps, the U.S. Army, DOD, NRA, TASER, POST, SMITH & WESSON, SABRE RED, and DURACOAT.


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