I have had a number of customers that have asked me to write down some of my tips and observations. To honor them I put some here at least weekly.

We have had the pleasure of receiving and reviewing the new Mossberg 590 Shockwave.

What a great platform to build a defense firearm. 20 gauge, 14″ barrel, easy to use, distinctive sound of a pump shotgun,to retain, and a re-enforced receiver (590 not 500).  This firearm is classified as an other firearm by the ATF and is legal in Missouri as long as you do not change or modify the configuration.

A little over 26 1/4″ long and weighing in a a touch over 5 pounds this firearm is well balanced. There is a hand loop designed with the foreword grip in order to help with recoil while aiming. This loop also feels natural while shooting from the hip.

Most importantly we shot the tar out of this little gun with ease and loved every moment.